Control your air conditioner from your mobile

Our partner Kineted is launching a service that makes your home smart. You’ll be able to set an energy plan which is a bunch of rules that control your electrical devices. More  – here.

We’ve helped them with the software and hardware dev.

Our hardware team has created a cheap device, which you plug in the electrical socket. Then you plug for example your air conditioner in the device’s socket.

From now on our device tracks how much energy has been consumed from the air conditioner and sends the data to the cloud.

In order to guarantee a low price we don’t equip every device with internet connectivity. In fact only a single device needs connectivity (WiFi). We call it active device. The other devices (passive) send their signals over the power line at home. Then the signals are multiplexed and sent to the cloud by the active device.



The whole device is developed by our team. We use WebSocket for communication, which the active device provides by its ESP module. The PLC module takes care of the communication over the power line. It has also a meter.


All the gathered information is sent to the cloud. Every minute we know exactly how much energy was consumed. Each user can track in real time the energy of any electrical device at their home.


Soon we are launching the apps. They will give the user option to track the consumption at any time. What’s more, they will be able to turn on and off their electrical devices.

When the user buys a device and plugs it in the socket, for the initial setup we use Bluetooth low energy. It is a part of the ESP.

When turned on for the first time they start advertising their id (iBeacon). Our device is looking for it and when found, it asks the user to enter their WiFi network and pass. This step is necessary because we need a way to tell the active device how to connect to the cloud. When done, the BLE is stopped.

 We developed an Android app, too, because in Bulgaria most of the people prefer that operating system.

Soon we will know how exactly the end user price of the device will be. Thanks to the experience of our team we will provide affordable service that makes your home smart.